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  • Winch pay off rack


    The steel core is to insert a steel rod in the middle of the roulette pay-off frame to assist the pay-off, or directly pile up on the ground to separate the wire. In the production of stranded steel-core aluminum stranded wire, a bundle of steel wires hangs on the steel rod through the center, which brings a lot of inconvenience to the production of stranding, resulting in a mess of wire. For this reason, according to the usability of the stranding production, the equipment that sequentially lays out the steel cores in bundles in turn is called a wire pay-off bracket. This utility model facilitates the orderly and unwinding of the bundled steel core in the process of wire and cable production.

  • Skein twisting


    During the stranding operation, the wire piece placed on the stranding hook can not be displaced, nor can it be stretched hard, which can cause the "shelling" phenomenon or cutting phenomenon of unevenness of the inside and outside of the tow. Otherwise, it will bring the thread disorder to the weaving factory, or the uneven coloring of the inside and outside of the yarn to the yarn dyeing operation.

  • Glass fiber knitting


    Each bundle of fiber filaments consists of hundreds or even thousands of monofilaments. Glass fiber is commonly used as a reinforcing material in composite materials


    OHMCABLE is a high-tech company which is specialized in making the extension cable, insulated heating resistance wire, RTD cable and high temperature wire. We have more than 20 years in this area. The minimum size we can do is till 0.05mm for type K or NiCr wire.

    Nowdays, OHMACABLE have full production line from wire drawing, braiding, wrapping, varnishing, extruding and test. Also we have a developing team which can design the cable as per customer’s special requirement. In the area of temperature measuring, our product cove the temp from -200℃ to 1200℃.

    Our product is widely exported to oversea, the main country and area such as Russia, western Europe, USA, India, South Africa.

    Welcome the client from all over the world to cooperate.




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